Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

At CGS, we act as catalysts and facilitators of positive change for our clients. We are experts in designing and implementing end-to-end change management approaches and also in customizing components of approaches to meet specific client needs. We are well versed in a variety of change management approaches and infuse elements of change management into all of our engagements. We believe that for any change to be successful, it requires the collaborative investment of the client organization. This is not just one client or leader, but a cross-representation of the internal and external stakeholders impacted by the change. The organization must be invested in the effort so, when CGS is no longer there, the desired outcomes are achieved and the impact is long-lasting.

We believe that stakeholder involvement and support are critical success factors for change management engagements.

For this reason, we collaborate and communicate with stakeholders during all phases of an engagement. In particular, we focus on building support for the project approach, providing clarity on stakeholder roles and responsibilities, and sharing progress toward achieving the engagement outcomes. We achieve this collaboration and partnership by integrating stakeholder engagement into all of our methodologies. We leverage tools of facilitation, interviews, focus groups, and workshops to enhance stakeholder engagement and bring lasting change to organizations.


“I greatly value the CGS team’s expertise in organization development. They offer best practices for how to bring people along to accept change in our complex organization with stakeholders and employees around the country, world and at headquarters in DC.”


– A Senior Government Official

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