Organizational Performance Management & Evaluation

Organizational Performance Management & Evaluation

Sustaining organizational excellence is one of the primary objectives of CGS’s client work. We support our clients in measuring organizational performance using a wide range of evaluation methods and tools combined with our expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis. We leverage logic models to understand the inputs, activities, and outputs that lead to achieving overall outcomes. By looking at these various streams we help our clients to align and effectively measure individual and aggregate components of the organization.

Our approach to organizational performance management and evaluation is to act as a process guide, pairing our experience, methodologies, and tools with the client’s subject matter expertise. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand what data and information is available and to develop a process for additional data collection. When creating performance measures, we design measures at the strategic, process, and activity level. This leads to organizational performance measures that are realistic, yet forward-leaning, increasing accountability for both day-to-day and strategic operations. When conducting evaluations, we consider both the “as-is” and “to-be” states, using collaborative techniques such as interviews, surveys, focus groups and workshops to collect qualitative data and pairing that information with quantitative data to develop assessment reports and recommendations.


“I think the CG Strategy team brings out the best in what we do, helping us to think through what’s important and articulating that. You make the most of our time together.”


– A Senior Government Official

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