Organizational & Resource Analysis

Organizational & Resource Analysis

CGS offers our clients a broad range of organizational and resource analysis services from workforce analysis and planning to organizational assessment and design. We take a whole systems approach, considering where people, processes, and infrastructure intersect to yield a high-functioning organization.

Our goal is to help organizations make informed decisions that will align resources to meet mission and programmatic outcomes.

In our workforce analysis and planning engagements, we focus on understanding how the organization is investing in its people. We explore the current workforce profile by collecting qualitative and quantitative data to identify workforce trends and resource gaps. We offer a customized suite of methods and tools to explore the link between the workforce and mission outcomes, resulting in enhanced organizational performance.

In our organizational assessment projects, we help our clients to view their organization through a whole systems lens. To do this, we collect information through research, environmental scanning and data analysis. We then use this information to create options for how the organization could be structured to include defined roles and responsibilities, functional and process improvements, and associated performance metrics.


“CGS used a holistic approach to incorporate my vision and mission requirements to develop the architecture and agile solutions to my challenges. They do their homework and consistently provide high quality research and supporting materials to ensure my customers and stakeholders needs are met. I could not be more satisfied with the relationship the CGS Team has developed and nurtured with my organization.”


– A Senior Government Official

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