One of the services CG Strategy offers is executive coaching. You may have heard people talking about working with a coach and wondered about what it is like and if it would be a fit for you.



Typically, coaching is one part of a larger program. At its heart, coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. That’s a big statement, but coaching is a process that allows managers and leaders to find new ways to help themselves and their teams go through transitions of all kinds. Additionally, coaching is a vehicle for people to learn skills like thinking “out of the box,” building their ability for better conversations and becoming more effective in their jobs.    

– by Daphne Miller

In our last newsletter, we highlighted coaching as one of the services CGC provides.  Some of our clients have wanted to know more about what coaching IS and what it IS NOT.

Coaching is not about building technical skills, management consulting or therapy.  At its core, coaching is about assessing where you are as a manager or leader today, where you and your organization want you to be in the future, and helping you on the path to reach that goal. You may glance to the past like you would look in a rear-view mirror while driving, but fundamentally, coaching is about moving you forward to help you become a more effective manager or leader.

There is no one path, so coaching may include developing or strengthening a leadership skill or shifting the way you interact with your team, leadership or stakeholders.

– by Daphne Miller

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