Optimizing Operations

In a government environment that is constantly changing, have you ever wondered if process improvement activities actually lead to sustainable increases in efficiency and effectiveness? CG Strategy pairs process improvement techniques with organizational science theories to help our clients optimize their operations in a way that has long-lasting impacts.

Government leaders feel constant pressure to “do more with less”. Even as federal budgets decrease, leaders are asked to improve program outcomes. This tension encourages government leaders to seek methods for increasing efficiency in their operations. They must continuously monitor and improve their core processes to ensure they are getting the most from their resources while responding to shifting priorities from senior and elected leaders.

CG Strategy has years of experience working with clients whose resources are decreasing while external expectations are increasing. We are deeply familiar with what it takes to both improve existing processes and develop new processes with limited resources. We work with our clients to co-create solutions that build on their successes and strengths to navigate complex problems and streamline operations.

With CG Strategy

  • Solutions are co-created by CGS and the client organization keeping the organization’s context in mind.
  • Staff are trained and capable of managing the long-term execution of the process.
  • Continuous improvement is part of the solution, with data collection, reporting, and the opportunity to make changes becoming “business as usual.”

Without CG Strategy

  • The final solution does not account for the unique mission-related and cultural needs of the organization.
  • The process does not become institutionalized in the organization.
  • The organization might rely on a “one size fits all” process, which cannot be adjusted based on new information.

Success Story

An Administration within the Federal Emergency Management Agency requested that CG Strategy assist with an effort to improve the process for delivering quality, timely data during a disaster. Our first task was to collect data around the Administration’s role in disaster operations. Next, we worked with leaders from every Administration component to analyze two disaster case studies and to co-create a high-level process for future disaster operations. Finally, our clients presented this process to a broader set of staff, where it was widely accepted.

Given the unpredictable nature of disaster operations, the process we created with the Administration positioned them to react to a variety of unexpected events. In fact, in the weeks after the initial process was documented, two additional disasters occurred. The Administration was prepared for these incidents and effectively used the tool we created with them. Additionally, as the Administration implemented the tool, they tracked the quality of their responses and have now implemented improvements as new conditions and expectations arise. Currently, the process is a critical tool that the Administration uses in all disaster events to better meet the needs of disaster survivors.


“CGS used a holistic approach to incorporate my vision and mission requirements to develop the architecture and agile solutions to my challenges. They do their homework and consistently provide high quality research and supporting materials to ensure my customers and stakeholders needs are met. I could not be more satisfied with the relationship the CG Strategy Team has developed and nurtured with my organization.”

– A Senior Government Official

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