Facilitation, Collaboration, and Capacity Building

Facilitation, Collaboration, & Capacity Building

CG Strategy is a team of expert facilitators who bring the best approaches to achieve your desired outcomes.

Explore. CG Strategy is a team of expert facilitators dedicated to honing and improving our craft. We work with you to explore your group’s goals, needs, constraints, and desired outcomes and identify a facilitation approach to drive towards those outcomes with relentless focus. We treat each engagement as an opportunity for growth, learning, creative thinking, and information sharing. Our team will quickly orient to your needs and design an engagement which includes the right purpose, structure, people, and process for your working environment: in-person, remote, and hybrid. Whether it’s large or small scale, individual or team level, CGS will assess your organizational needs and collaborate with you to identify and plan a productive, effective, safe, and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Design. At CG Strategy, we continually seek out and practice innovative facilitation methods and technologies to design impactful and engaging meetings. We regularly test and incorporate new facilitation techniques to accommodate in-person, virtual, and hybrid engagements. As we design each engagement, we are intentional about creating a space for your group to bring forward its best thinking. Our collaborative approach to facilitation generates positive meeting outcomes and builds momentum within your organization to keep action going long after the meeting ends. Our style goes beyond meeting management. We focus on outcomes and create the energy and psychological safety necessary to encourage tough conversations and boost your engagement to the next level.

Navigate. CG Strategy develops teams and individuals to build the culture and achieve the results that are most important to your organization. We mine the internal wisdom of your organization to identify solutions and equip leaders to act on those solutions. We bring the tools and the knowledge to enable your organization to work together, identify areas of growth, and build a path forward to adapt and thrive. Whatever your needs are, CG Strategy has a solution to build the strengths and skills your organization needs to be successful and sustainable.


“CG Strategy helped us look at our business from a value proposition perspective and change the conversation with our stakeholders.”


– A Senior Government Official

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