Our Approach

At CGS, we view each client relationship as a partnership. We act as process guides for our clients to explore what is possible, design approaches that will successfully achieve outcomes, and navigate through the complexities of implementation.

Our approaches are designed to mine organizational wisdom and invite varying perspectives from stakeholders across working environments: in-person, virtual, and hybrid.


Our approach to working with clients begins with understanding the outcomes the individual, group, or organization hopes to achieve, and then exploring possibilities to achieve those outcomes. We have found that shaping the conversation around possibilities helps our clients push through barriers and create faster, more lasting change.
We co-create solutions with our clients to achieve the outcomes defined during the “Explore” phase. This means that we bring the tools and processes and mine the organization’s rich knowledge to develop business solutions that are implementable and sustainable.
In our approach to consulting, we frame “implementation” as “navigation.” We work with our clients to address challenges that arise, remaining flexible and open to adjusting course. Our approaches are grounded in learning and collaboration, which enables us to provide solutions that create value and move organizations forward.

What Our Clients Say

“Not many consulting firms manage to achieve the balance CGS has of treating their clients, their work, their people and their partners with a high degree of respect and thoughtfulness.”

President, Consulting Firm and Teaming Partner

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