Strategic Planning & Alignment

Strategic Planning & Alignment

Strategic planning is needed to help organizations adapt, remain healthy and resilient in the face of a constantly changing environment. Making an investment in strategic planning allows an organization to step back and reflect, scan the horizon, and do some deep thinking about what is possible in the next three to five years.

We bring an iterative approach to strategic planning that incorporates multiple cycles of collaboration to create a strategic direction that is reflective of the client’s mission and priorities. Whether supporting the full lifecycle of strategic planning – development of a Strategic Plan, Implementation Roadmap, and monitoring process – or helping our clients to establish an annual strategic direction, our process fosters ownership and clarity across the organization.


“I really had a blast developing our strategic plan because of CG Strategy’s support. You helped us engage in a way that let us bring everyone along in the development of the plan…. I learned so much and was able to finish that project and say that I really had a pulse on what the organization viewed as important.”


– A Senior Government Official

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