Strategic Planning & Alignment

Strategic Planning & Alignment

Strategic planning is a complex endeavor. CG Strategy provides the tools and structure to develop effective and actionable plans.

Explore. Strategic planning is a complex endeavor. For many, the future is too uncertain, a strategy is too binding, or too difficult to define. Many of our clients come to us feeling overwhelmed by the thought of creating a strategy to drive their organization forward. CG Strategy will partner with you to complete a thorough environmental scan of your strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and desired results. Together, we define the purpose, time horizon, and goals to identify the strategic approach that will be most impactful for your specific circumstances. We break strategic planning down into digestible, adaptive pieces that can be refined as organizational needs evolve.

Design. The CGS approach to strategic planning will clearly articulate and communicate your organization’s “North Star,” and create alignment throughout all levels of the organization. Our methods provide leaders with the tools and processes to analyze and address policy tradeoffs to make difficult decisions. We also work to build your organization’s capacity to make strategic choices around the allocation of resources to drive the right results. Using our collaborative approach, we help you to design and communicate a strategic plan that aligns decision-making, reflects your mission and priorities, and adapts to emergent environmental factors.

Navigate. Our strategic planning approach promotes shared understanding of your vision so staff can clearly link their daily contributions to the strategic direction. CGS goes the extra mile to provide the tools and just the right amount of structure to develop actionable plans and build staff capability that combined, will achieve your desired outcomes. Whether navigating the full lifecycle of strategic planning—from development to implementation and monitoring—or supporting our clients with one step in the process, CG Strategy will facilitate clarity and ownership across your organization.


“I really had a blast developing our strategic plan because of CG Strategy’s support. You helped us engage in a way that let us bring everyone along in the development of the plan…. I learned so much and was able to finish that project and say that I really had a pulse on what the organization viewed as important.”


– A Senior Government Official

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