Program Evaluation & Performance Improvement

Program Evaluation & Performance Improvement

Our data-driven evaluation methods promote long-term performance improvement.

Explore. Understanding an organization’s strengths and challenges is an important first step in bringing about positive change. Using established, data-driven methods for evaluating organizations, CG Strategy applies quantitative and qualitative analyses to understand an organization’s current state, resulting in focused, evidence-based exploration and an objective understanding of strengths and challenges. Our program evaluation approach provides a baseline of your organization’s history and experience. By understanding your organization’s journey, we are better positioned to understand the current state and help you to shape your organization’s future.

Design. Once we have a comprehensive picture of your organization’s current state, CG Strategy focuses on long-term performance improvement by working with you to define an optimal future state. Specifically, we seek to answer the question: how do you define success in one year, two years, or five years? In planning for the future, CGS helps you identify the necessary performance metrics that allow your organization to measure progress and identify areas that need additional support. CG Strategy will develop products to help you better understand your organization, such as a current state map, a future state map, and key performance metrics.

Navigate. With a defined future state and key performance metrics in place, your organization is equipped to monitor future progress. CG Strategy will provide the expertise to make performance improvement a continuous part of your working environment. We support your organization by developing performance tracking and improvement tools and processes, to include data systems that process regular updates, visualization programs that generate dashboards for organizational leaders and stakeholders, and standard operating procedures for long-term maintenance. More importantly, our approach to performance improvement builds organizational capacity for continuous improvement and facilitates conversations to identify priorities, overcome resource constraints, and develop innovative solutions.


“I think the CG Strategy team brings out the best in what we do, helping us to think through what’s important and articulating that. You make the most of our time together.”


– A Senior Government Official

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