Change Management & Stakeholder Engagement

Change Management & Stakeholder Engagement

CG Strategy is a team of systems thinkers who inspire long-lasting, sustainable change.

Explore. CG Strategy is a team of systems thinkers. We know that any change—strategic, structural, process, or leadership—will affect the entire organization. Whole system change requires that impacted stakeholders be prepared and supported across the organization to understand, accept, and adopt the change. We meet clients “where they are” using stakeholder and change readiness analyses. We understand the non-linear nature of complex change and apply our expertise in a broad spectrum of change management theories to create the case for change, mitigate potential barriers, and identify measurable change outcomes.

Design. CG Strategy understands that all organizations are different. Working with Government agencies, non-profits, and even global organizations, we’ve learned the most impactful change management results are achieved through focusing on stakeholder engagement, in addition to process and structural improvements. Our stakeholder engagement style has long lasting impacts because we strive to understand and balance the different needs of the individual, the team, and the organization when creating whole-system transformation. We are relationship builders and connectors. We inspire authenticity and trust that creates an environment for your organization to convene productive conversations that unlock barriers and lead to positive outcomes.

Navigate. With CG Strategy, your change is sustainable. We understand that the path to change is not a straight line and we work with you through each phase of your change effort to support implementation and reinforce your likelihood of success. We build the capacity within your organization to take charge and achieve your desired outcomes long-term. We leverage our strengths and tools—including facilitation, interviews, focus groups, training, and workshops—to enhance stakeholder engagement and institute the lasting transformation your organization needs.


“CGS used a holistic approach to incorporate my vision and mission requirements to develop the architecture and agile solutions to my challenges. They do their homework and consistently provide high quality research and supporting materials to ensure my customers and stakeholders needs are met. I could not be more satisfied with the relationship the CGS Team has developed and nurtured with my organization.”


– A Senior Government Official

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