Organizational Assessment and Design

Organizational Assessment & Design

CG Strategy is your trusted advisor. We ask the hard questions and help you navigate organizational assessment, design, and implementation.

Explore. CG Strategy views organizations as interdependent networks of people, culture, structures, technology, policies, and processes. We understand the interplay across these dynamics affects your organizational performance and your ability to deliver on your mission. Using organizational diagnostic frameworks and assessment tools, we explore the current state of your organizational health, culture, performance, and environmental demands to critically examine areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We ask the key questions that uncover what is working well and what is holding you back. With a holistic understanding of your organization’s current state, we use our expertise in organizational theory to partner with you to design your desired future state and develop an adaptable path forward.

Design. CG Strategy takes a proactive approach that our clients and partners appreciate. Our organizational design process is iterative, flexible, and scalable. This allows us to enter a system at any point—from assessment to design to implementation—and generate positive impact. When working with CG Strategy, you gain a trusted advisor who asks the right questions. We work diligently to set the right conditions for your stakeholders to bring their best thinking and identify the right tools that resonate with your organization to meet your immediate needs, measure progress, and plan for future demands. CG Strategy applies organizational design methods that integrate your people, processes, technologies, and environmental context to propel your staff and your organization forward.

Navigate. Where most consultants stop, CG Strategy keeps going. We partner with our clients to assess the organization and go further by helping navigate the complex task of implementation. We recognize that organizational redesign will affect your staff. We provide expert training, coaching, facilitation, and project management to generate momentum and excitement at all levels of the organization to ensure staff are prepared and can contribute to a successful outcome. Our unique approach to assessment and design will significantly increase your organization’s ability to implement an organizational structure that enhances your mission delivery.


“I greatly value the CGS team’s expertise in organization development. They offer best practices for how to bring people along to accept change in our complex organization with stakeholders and employees around the country, world and at headquarters in DC.”


– A Senior Government Official

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