By Allison Gurnitz

Building and leading CGS has given me the amazing opportunity to create and be part of a community whose focus is on helping to make the world a better place. From a very young age, I learned from my mom about community and service. She so gracefully modeled the importance of using one’s skills and talents to have an impact on the world. I remember helping her count money collected at fundraisers, talking with her about important policy issues, and her telling me how important it is to take action. As a family, we watched the news together every night over dinner. As a teen, my family had the opportunity to live overseas. I immediately became fascinated by world politics. By the time I arrived to college to study international relations, I wanted to be an Ambassador. From undergrad, I moved to DC to study Public Administration.

I started learning about public organizations and how hard it is for leaders to navigate change. It was then that I joined CGS and my passion for helping organizations deliver on their public promise emerged. Over the last 30 years, the CGS community has helped so many leaders and organizations navigate change and I am so proud of the impact we have had and continue to have across so many organizations. Thank you to all of you who have been a part of it!

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