This spring the CGS Team convened to acknowledge and explore the systemic bias that exists in our country. As our country continues to wrestle with issues of racial injustice, we wanted to give you a peek into our dialogues and how we are continuing our commitment to anti-racism.

We started our dialogue by asking ourselves hard questions, sharing personal stories, and externalizing our fears, anger, and frustration. After we finished our initial conversation, we realized that we had only reached the tip of the iceberg. We made a commitment as a team to continue educating ourselves and taking action to address racial injustice.

We take pride in our values and we believe that creating an anti-racist society cannot be a one-time conversation. It takes courage to acknowledge and combat our harsh reality and we at CG Strategy are committed to addressing it together. We have engaged Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultants Barry Coleman and Sally Colella from BCOLEGroup to help guide us as we seek to normalize our dialogues around race and better equip our team to be allies for racial and social justice. With our new consulting partners, we look forward to making strides as individuals, as a team, and as a company.

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